The Burn Unit at Choithram Hospital was established in 1988 with the objective of providing holistic burn care for patients in the city and neighbouring regions as there was a dire need for such a facility. Till date the CHRC Burn Unit has treated over 4500 burn patients and 10,000 outpatients.




Facilities & Services

  • 12 beds for managing acute burns
  • ICCU and PICU for patients requiring critical care
  • Early surgery and wound closure supported by multidisciplinaryteam of surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists, nurses, dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist and paramedical staff to improve outcome
  • CHRC Burn Unit is the Interburns (International network for training, education and research in burns) Training Centre
  • Burn support groups and extended follow-up services for convalescent patients to look after rehabilitation needs

Department Team

  • Psychiatrist : Dr. Ashish Goel
  • Dietician : Ms. Pratibha Sharma
  • Psychologist : Ms. Ranjana Chouhan
  • Head Nurse : Sr. Amni Verges
  • Physiotherapist
  • Paramedical Staff
  • Contact us: shobhachamania@gmail.com


Interburns Training Center (ITC)

The Interburns Training Center was formally started in January 2011 at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Indore, India. The 4th Skin Bank in India was opened at the Burn Unit in February 2011. The Interburns Training Centre has been developed as a model training hub for all the members of the burn team and will cater to the needs of the low and middle income countries. In the future, Interburns would like to duplicate these efforts in other developing countries.

The ITC has been strategically placed at Indore because:

  • India has the highest global incidence of deaths from burn injuries
  • The Burn Unit has been run by a renowned burn-care practitioner, Dr.ShobhaChamania since 1995, who has built an excellent burn-care team and burn-care model despite working within limited resources.
  • Burn training throughout the developing world is very limited. Until now most trainees used to visit the West for training and learn a large number of approaches and techniques, which were not appropriate or possible in the local context. At the ITC, comprehensive burn-care can be taught, at the fraction of a cost, and modelled as per relevance to the majority of Low Income Countries.

The ITC offers a one year Burn Surgery Fellowship. The goal of the program is to provide trainees with in-depth experience in the management of the entire spectrum of burn-care in the setting of a postgraduate teaching hospital. This includes: resuscitation, operative treatment, basic critical care, rehabilitation, and burn scar reconstruction, prevention, basic science and clinical research, quality improvement, outcome measurement, cost effectiveness, multidiscipline team working and managing a burn unit. If anyone is interested in this Fellowship, please contact Interburns with your CV. Currently the only Fellowship available is for applicants who are doing or have completed a Plastic Surgery or General Surgery Residence

The ITC is also involved in a number of Research projects and local burn injury prevention schemes such as public awareness programs in schools, colleges, rural and tribal adolescent girls training centres and with all the patients’ relatives and families.

Recent Activities

We have recently started a skin bank with support from the Dutch Burn Foundation which has been a great help in salvaging lives of major burn victims. The skin bank is extremely indebted to the support of the social groups committed to raise awareness on organ donation. The facility is grateful for the contribution and continued support of Muskan group and MK International Eye Bank.

Burn Centre

  • Madhya Pradesh needed a proper burn-care facility to cater to the needs of burn victims from the low income strata. The present facility was started in 1988 as a 6 bed unit which is now a 12-bed centre.
  • The centre gets about 220-270 annual inpatients for moderate to major burns and 750 out patients. There is facility for isolating clean patient from a contaminated/infected patient.
  • This centre is one India’s pioneers in practising modern burn surgery, with trained doctors and nurses visiting from various centres within India & abroad
  • The centre is dedicated to holistic care. Emphasis is on activities on prevention all year round by educating masses & school children. This is for reducing incidence.
  • Better care has helped in preventing deformities that are life-changing milestones in patients’ lives.
  • We offer reconstructive surgery and a proper rehabilitation with the support of specialists in the field so that the deformed individuals are able to return to society as useful citizens. We have also formed a burn survivors support group.
  • This centre is also been keenly involved with research to contain the cost of treatment so that it remains within the reach of the people who need it.
  • We have hosted National Burns Conferences twice and have conducted several essential burn-care courses under the aegis of NABI & Interburns for training & education of burn professionals.
  • We are activity involved in international outreach especially in developing countries like Bangladesh and Africa, who share similar challenges.