Department of Endocrinology

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism is well established since the very beginning. Every type of endocrine case including obesity is treated. However it mainly has two wings- “Diabetes Education Centre” and “Thyroid clinic”.

All hormonal assays are done routinely. Facilities exist for nuclear scan of thyroid and for Radioactive Iodine ablation.

High risk groups like GDM, pregnancy with thyroid disorders, diabetic patients undergoing major surgery, diabetes with CKD and diabetes in burn patients are specially looked after by a team of dedicated doctors. Diabetic complications like diabetic foot and diabetic retinopathy are also managed with experts from the respective fields. Importance is given to Diabetic Education where patients interact freely with the dietician and diabetic educator. He/she is taught through charts, models, videos and actual demonstration of insulin injection, foot care etc. All in all, the endocrinology department is a one stop station for all endocrine related problems.
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