Choithram hospital of Gastroenterology at CH&RC provided various services as mentioned below . Staffed with senior consultants and headed by Dr. Ajay Jain , it offers excellent round the clock services for patients :
1. Endoscopy services
2. Day care services
3. In patient services including intensive care unit.

Specialized procedures
Services offered: Clinical Gastroenterology : Description
Endoscopic Unit: Description Hepatic Unit G.I. Surgery

Choithram hospital Choithram hospital of Gastroenterology is world renowned for its endoscopy services, both in terms of quality and turn over. The World Organization of Digestive Endoscopy services at Choithram hospital of GI Sciences , CH&RC has been long designated a centre of excellence. Various procedures which are routinely performed here are:
1. Diagnostic and Therapeutic UGI Endoscopy
2. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Colonoscopy
3. Diagnostic and Therapeutic ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio - pancreaticography )
4. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Enteroscopy
5. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endosonography
6. Capsule endoscopy
7. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
8. Magnification endoscopy and Narrow band imaging
9. Oesophageal and rectal Manometry

Being a tertiary referal centers patient come from all over the country and abroad. Besides providing services to these all patients the endoscopy unit is also a well know training centre for both basic procedures and advanced therapeutic endoscopy techniques.
CH&RC is renowned Endoscopic center where the patients are regularly coming not only from entire M.P /C.G. but also from adjoining states. A number of International renowned faculties from National centers in the field of Gastroenterology and endoscopy have visited AIG for interaction with CONSULTANTS.
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