Department of Medicine is the backbone of any multispecialty hospital and so is the case at CHRC. From mundane URIs to complicated PUOs the department sees the bulk of the patients, treating them cost effectively. Patients requiring specialized treatment or investigation are referred to concerned specialists but holistic and comprehensive assessment & treatment is the main forte of the Medicine department.


Facilities & Services:


  • OPDs/ IPDs
  • Medical Camps
  • Good & robust teaching program


Department Team:


  • Dr. Norman Sharma
  • Dr. Naresh Bharti
  • Dr. Vikram Balwani


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Three postgraduate residents are trained each year for the Diplomate of National Board so that at any given point there are 9 - 10 postgraduate residents in the department. Various sub-specialties in the department are Endocrinology, Rheumatology & Pulmonology.