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Choithram Hosptal and Research center, Indore has acquired state of the art High tech “Millenium MPR SPECT GAMMA CAMERA / COMPUTER SYSTEM.” It is a first kind in our state. In the field of Nuclear Medicine Choithram Hospital & Research center, Indore has been the pioneer in MP since 1983.


The Millenium SPECT GAMMA Camera / Computer System is capable of acquiring & processing the whole gamut of Nuclear Medicine Procedures like Static , Dyanamic, Whole body, Multigated Cardiac, Tomographic & Gated Tomogaraphic Studies.


The Hallmark of Nuclear Medicine Procedure is its ability to provide functional information of organs to the clinicians. As is well known that pathophysiological alterations antedates morphological (structural) changes. While X-ray, CT Scan, Ultrasonography & MRI imaging modalities are capable of detecting structural changes in an organ, Nuclear Medicine procedures score over them and have an advantage over other imaging modalities by not only diagnosing the diseases early before morphological changes take place, but also differentiate between viable, ischemic and non-viable tissue once the structural changes have taken place in a disease process. Nuclear Medicine scan is unique because it provides pictorial representation of Structure, Function ant patho-physiology at the cellular and intracellular level of the organ.


The radioactive tracers used in nuclear medicine are of low energy, physiologically & biologically inert. Hence, the nuclear medicine procedure is non-invasive, safe, non-reactive, involving minimal radiation exposure (less than routine radiological procedures) and an excellent cost effective screening procedure. Radiopharmaceuticals are not retained in the body. These are eliminated through urinary and gastro intestinal tract.
  • Nuclear Medicine Procedures are safe enough to be performed in children.
  • Kindly consult your referring doctor before undergoing nuclear medicine procedure during pregnancy & breast feeding.
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