Urology And Urosurgery

Department of Urology at CH&RC is one of the best of its kind in entire Central India region to have successfully treated innumerable patients with problems of bladder, Ureters, kidneys and external genitalia etc.

1.Management of Calculus & Diseases of Urinary Tract: Various treatment modalities and procedures undertaken at Choithram Hospital & Research Centre to ensure proper treatment of urinary stone are:

Endo urological procedures includes diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones Urinary stones usually arise in the Kidney and cause blockage and infection, which results to various symptoms such as pain, fever, nausea and vomiting etc. Urinary stones at different locations are treated through Endoscopic methods using fine endoscopes as well as intro corporeal / extra corporeal lithotripters. Following treatment modalities are offered to Urology patients at CH&RC
1. Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy
2. Cystolithotripsy
3. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy PCNL
4. ESWL: Very soon CH&RC would be installing services of State of art (Lithotripsy Machine) for non surgical treatment of Urinary Calculus

2.Kidney Cancer :
Choithram Hospital and Research Centre is routinely treating Renal Cancers, bladder cancers such as Transitional Cell Carcinoma, cancer of testis, such as Seminomas, Teratomas etc and carcinoma penis. Cancer Surgery: CH&RC has regular services of Hospital senior Urology consultants and Senior Cancer Surgeon who regularly operate the Renal Cancer patients. These patients once operated are treated as per International Cancer protocols. Chemotherapy: CH&RC has in house renowned Chemotherapists who provide the Chemotherapy to the Cancer patients post operatively as advised by the Consultants. Radiotherapy: Choithram Hospital and Research Center is the only Medical Treatment center in entire State to treat Cancer patients with latest modality of Cancer. Following facilities are available at Institute of Cancer Sciences, CH&RC: Primus Linear Accelerator: Provides various treatment modalities as IMRT, 3-D Conformal, 2-D Conformal, etc Nucletron 30 Channel Brachy therapy: Only unit in entire State to provide various treatment modalities. Radio frequency tumour ablation: This facility is available at CH&RC, which is mostly used for patients with tumour growth in Kidney. Tumor Board: Multi modality approach for cancer patients to provide Comprehensive Cancer Care through Multi specialty Tumour Board AS PER International protocol of Cancer treatment. Tumour Board protocol best insures the patient interests.

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