History And Achievments


In 1981:

Fibre Optic Endoscopy is initiated which today carries out more then 200 endoscopies and cystoscopies per month Haemodialysis department is also started for renal failure cases.

In 1983:

Gamma Camera (GAMMATONE T-900) for nuclear imaging installed. Radioimmunoassay [RIA] installed in pathology for diagnosis of endocrine diseases Installed Computerized Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer Corona Analyzer in Biochem and Coulter System in haematology installed. Microbiology lab was set-up.

In 1984:

Cardiac Cath lab and Echocardiogram set up. Department of Neurosciences stated with EEG, EMG, ECT and micro-neuro surgery.

In 1985:

Open Heart Surgery started.

Percuteneous Renal Lithotripsy started.

Microsurgery of middle ear started.

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