Institute of Kidney diseases

Artificial Kidney Units

Haemo Dialysis (H.D) :
currently equipped with 13 stations for Haemo dialysis units catering for routine IPD /OPD patients as well as emergency patients. Facilities available 24x7 for :

Acute vascular access
  • Sub clavian Catheter Insertion
  • Jugular /Femoral Catheter insertion
  • Perm catheter insertion
For Permanent Vascular Access:
  • Arterio venous fistula (AVF)
  • AV Grafts
  • Transposition of basilic vein in difficult cases
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD):
Routinely acute and chronic PD (CAPD) services are available round the clock. Qualified and experienced doctors team available round the clock for placement of permanent peritoneal catheters.

Intensive care renal replacement Therapy

Intensive care renal replacement therapy for patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndromes such as:
  • Resistant Congestive Cardiac Failure
  • Hepatic Failure
  • Multi organ dysfunction (MODS) is carried on specialized machines in Intensive care unit
Renal Transplantation

CH&RC is one of the premiers Institute in India to have started the Living Donor Kidney Transplant (LDKT) surgery since 1985. It has always maintained high ethical standards by carrying out Transplantation on related Donors as per the guide lines laid by “Human Organ Transplant Act – HOTA”.

Presently CH&RC Indore is the only recognized Institute in entire MP for this procedure. CH&RC is also recognized for Cadaver Kidney Transplant.

So far, more than 650 transplant procedures as well as 10 cadeveric transplants have been successfully carried out at CH&RC.

Transplant team at CH&RC comprises of the following :
  • 3 Nephrologists
  • 5 Transplant surgeons
  • Immunologist
  • Histo pathologist / Sonologist / Radiologists
  • Transplant coordinator
Renal dietary services

Specialized renal dietary advice is available through qualified consultants for IPD as well as OPD patients.

Patient information

ARF:- Kidney failure developing over short period of time .It is on emergency and timely treatment if administered can revert the kidney failure.

CRF: - Kidney failure developing over period of 3 months or more. Appropriate renal management can slow the worsening , if already chronic kidney disease stage 5 & symptratic for nausea, vomiting anorexia & breathing problems; then renal replacement therapy is given.

Nephrotic syndrome :- This is state of massive protein leakage from kidney into the urine, resulting in swelling all over body. Proper treatment can reverse this otherwise serious medical condition.

UTI :-( Urinary Tract Infection): Urinary Tract is infected which results in burning and pain in passing urine. If left untreated, can result in permanent damage to kidney tissue.

Hypertension :-common manifestation of the kidney Diseases. Uncontrolled HT can lead to serious copnsequesnces.

Diabetes Mellitus :- Known cause of Kidney failure. Screening of patients is advised to prevent further Renal loss.

Hereditary Conditions :-
Polycystic renal disease It is hereditary and occurs to the off springs of the affected patients. This condition manifests with HT, blood in urine, and abdominal pain In later stage it can cause renal failure.

Alport Syndrome: Hereditary Nephritis: In later stage it can cause renal failure.

Consultant’s Profile
  • Dr. P. Salgia
  • Dr. A. Sepaha
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