At Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, the Department of Nursing Service is one of the largest departments of the institution that employs over 300 nursing personnel. It comprises of the Inpatient & Out Patient Units, Operating Rooms, Critical Care Units and Peripheral units of the Hospital. Department of Nursing Service has set a high priority on the development of nursing staff, patient care, patient education, nursing management and administration.

Nursing Heritage :

The Department of Nursing Service has a rich heritage with integration of Nursing Education and Nursing Practice. The Department has grown from serving a 100 bedded hospital to a 350 bedded tertiary care hospital over the last 34 years. The strength of the department has been its integration of nursing service with the mission of commitment to maintaining high quality of patient care in addition to exploring new possibilities to keep pace with changing trends in health care. Nursing Service is the back bone of the institution which supports and provides comprehensive patient care at the primary, secondary, and tertiary care level within the hospital.

Nurses recruitment :

  • Nursing Council registered Degree and Diploma nurses form part of the Nursing Service. Every year about 75 Graduate Nurses from Choithram College of nursing and other Colleges of the State join the Nursing Service to service and gain experience.
  • The offer of employment is based on performance in assessment test, interview and medical fitness.
  • All new staff nurses undergo a week long intensive orientation program on entry into the Nursing Service as part of their induction programme. The nurses are oriented to the physical infrastructure, SOP/protocols, guidelines and soft skill training to be followed during the course of service.

Delivery of Nursing Care :

  • Nursing care is delivered through a problem solving approach known as the Nursing Process that involves assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • The nursing service aims to protect the patients from preventable infection by providing safe patient care. The hospital infection control nurses under the guidance of the HICC is involved in identifying and attempting to prevent Hospital Acquired Infection through periodic surveillance, proper waste segregation and disposal, and education programs for employees at all level.

Staff Development :

  • Regular In-Service Education with 95% compulsory attendance is imparted.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) results lead to performance appraisal and further skill / knowledge enhancement.
  • Participations in both internal and external workshops and seminars.
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High protein diet is essential for the growth of the children and teenagers. There are many protein rich snacks and food items like chana chatpata, sprouts chat, groundnut salted, ground nut chikki and laddoo, dry nuts, paneer and cheese snacks, soya chunks should be incorporated in the diet.

Patients with hyperacidity may be benefitted by small frequent meals, less spicy and oily food, plenty of water and daily walk.

Bottle feeding is very dangerous for infants and children

Person with high levels of uric acid should take moderate protein, plenty of fluids and should avoid fasting.

High fibre diet is good for maintaining health of GI tract. It may also prevent many life style disorder like constipation, piles, dyslipidemia, acidity etc.

One should not replace their meals by fast food/junk food.

Healthy diet contains all food groups like cereals, pulses, milk and milk products, vegetables, fruits and small amount of oil and sugar.

Iron deficiency anemia is very common in our community. People with anemia should consume plenty of green leafy vegetables, jaggery, dates, halu etc. Non vegetarians can consume liver, mutton along with full diet. 

Two teaspoon of flax seed consumption increases immunity and beneficial for diabetics, dyslipidemia, menopausal women and asthma patients.

Instead of taking excessive tea, coffee and cold drinks, one should take plenty of water, vegetable soups, butter milk, coconut water,  lemon juice because they are healthy drinks.

A feastful of nuts like groundnuts, almond, cashewnut, pistachionuts, walnuts, roasted chana are good for children’s health.

Regular intake of fast food and junk food may lead to many health problem like obesity constipation, piles, deficiency diseases cancer etc.

Consumption of methidana is good remedy for sugar control in diabetics.

Maintaining ideal body weight can prevent from many life style disorder like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and many other diseases.

Raw garlic, Almonds and walnuts can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (Good Cholestrol).

Change of cooking oil (soyabean oil / Saffola sunflower oil/mustard oil/olive oil / corn oil) after 2-3 months is good for lowering cholesterol levels.

Soyabean is very rich in protein and isoflavons. Menopausal women should incorporate 15-30 gms roasted soyabean in their diet.

4-5 servings of seasonal vegetables (including cooked vegetable, salads and soup) and 1-2 servings of seasonal fruits are good for health as it contains many vitamins, minerals fibres and antioxidants.

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