The Operation Theatre :-

The Operation Theatre complex comprises of six major and a special cardiac Operation Theatre with a separate designated area for smooth post operative recovery of patients. They function round the clock under the competent care of a team of highly qualified and experienced anesthesiologists assisted by specially trained male & female OT technicians.

Modern in design, the Operation Theatre at Choithram Hospital are well equipped with the latest anesthetic machines, defibrillators, multi-parameter monitors, infusion pumps & emergency drug carts. This plethora of monitoring and life support systems is in sync with the tradition of the hospital, where patient safety and care are paramount.

The Operation Theatre has one of the largest inventory of surgical instruments in Central India and has it’s own separate store for consumables needed during surgeries making it one of the most comprehensive OT’s in this part of the country. Almost every minor, major and advanced procedure in Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, General Surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology, Orthopaedics, ENT, Urology, Plastic surgery Laparoscopic and Endoscopic surgeries, Pediatric surgery and Cancer surgery are being preformed at our centre by a panel of dedicated, qualified and experienced General and Super speciality surgeons.

The OT is manned by a coterie of nursing staff who are known for their efficiency and dedication to patient care. Scrupulous adherence to meticulous infection control measures, safety in the use of biomedical devices, observance of ethical surgical principles and treating each life with utmost care are the guiding principles for the OT administration and staff.

For the staff at the Operation Theatre at Choithram Hospital, striving to give the best to each and every patient is a way of life.
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