Ph.D. Programme at CH& RC

S.N. Name of the Candidate Date of Registration Guiding Teachers Thesis title Thesis submitted
1 Ms.Divya Sisodia 1985 Dr. R. Vijayvargiya
Dr. D.S. Chitnis
Involvement of Immune response and its biochemical correlation in various manifestations of Hepatitis B virus infection 1989 for Ph.D
2 Ms Abha Arora 1986 Dr. R. Vijayvargiya Complications of Diabetes –renal and hepatic 1990 for Ph.D.
3 Arti Karnik 1986 Dr. R. Vijayvargiya
Dr. D.S. Chitnis
Studies of Immunodeficiencies 1990 for Ph.D
4 Ms Ruchi Sachdeva 1991 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Effect of laser radiations on microbial and immune systems 1995 for Ph.D
5 Mr S.P. Jaiswal 1992 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Seroepidemiological studies on hepatitis viruses 1997 for Ph.D
6 Sanjay Shukla 1991 Dr. D.S. Chitnis IgM antibodies vis-à-vis LPS detection of S. typhi as a diagnostic tools 1997 for Ph.D
7 Sushma Nema 1991 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Antimicrobial agents and drug resistance 1997 for Ph.D
8 Nanda Hemvani 1994 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Laboratory Studies on Tuberculosis 1998 for Ph.D
9 Vikrant Chitnis 1999 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Studies on Medical waste disposal -to complete for Ph.D.
10 Sheetal Chitnis 2001 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Studies on Bacterial Drug Resistance -to complete for Ph.D.
11 MR.Yatiraj Kalantri 2004 Dr. D.S. Chitnis Studies on Newer Tools for the Diagnosis of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis For Ph.D.
12 Rajesh Bhagwat 1999 Dr. S.P. Joshi Biochemical parameters in health and diseases with special reference to renal disease For Ph.D.
13 Ms.Bhawana Nigam 1999 Dr. S.P. Joshi Study of some biochemical parameters in neoplastic disorders with special reference to multiple myeloma For Ph.D.
14 Gunjan Katara 2007 Dr. D.S.Chitnis Studies on Hospital infection control with reference to containment of microbes For Ph.D.
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